Save time! Take a picture and move on!

May 11, 2015

Vijay Brihmadesam

Our goal at billSync is to make sure you don’t have to do menial tasks and can focus on what you want. Here is how you can save time. Getting us your bill is as simple as using one of our apps or sending us a text. From there, we do all the entry and even get it into your accounting system. No more manually adding bills to your system, and with a click of a button, you are done paying a bill! We take care of sending the check or wire.
Here’s how to make it happen.

No setup, just start saving time, and text us a picture

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The fastest way to get us an image of your bill is to take a picture on your phone and text it to 917.746.1141. If your bill is a single page, just take a picture and text it.

If it is multiple pages text “m,” for multiple pages to start, then start taking and sending the pictures of each page. After you send the last page, just text “d” for done and we’ll get to work on it.
If you have other team members/employees that you want to authorize to add bills, read our post on adding users here.

The App: All the features of the Web on Your Phone!

In the app you can just click the ‘Add Bill’ button in the lower right corner, and your camera pops up. Take the picture and confirm it’s legible. You then have the option to add a page or confirm it is the last page, and we get to work! Also using the app, you can pay your bills and look up vendor information when you are on the go!
If you want to have your team members/employees use the app to submit bills but not see everything else, just set them as as a “Submitter” role when you add them on the user page. That way, when they log in they only see the camera, not all the other areas of the app. Learn how to do that here!
Download the apps here for iPhone or here for Android or search “billsync” on the iPhone app store or Android Play Store.

Emailed Bills? Just hit forward.

If a vendor emails a bill to you, all you have to do is forward it to We can take care of it from there!
For us to be able to accept a bill from other team members/employees, check out this post!

Upload on the Website

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 2.24.31 PM
If you happen to have a few bills on your computer that you need to process, just click “Upload” when you are logged into the app. Then drag and drop or select the files from your computer. We’ll get to processing on your behalf!
We want to make it as easy as possible to get us your bills! Have an idea on how to make it easier? Email us at, we’d love to hear it.